The Case of David Pake Leef and Thomas Tawha of Rotoiti

Trout fishing in Rotorua.

Guest post on behalf of an awesome bass player I know – Ara*!

The 4 pākehā boys above steal 80K worth of property for fun and get to go home.

While this Māori man below steals 10 trout and gets sent to jail.

For our non Māori friends, maybe now you can see things are a little different for us in Aotearoa.

Institutional Racism?
Institutional Racism?

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His photo on fb went viral so I thought I’d help out by digging out further info, here is me, WoolenJersey, calling the Rotorua District Court:

The case was brought by one Anthony vanDorp from Fish and Game.

Re: A sentence of home detention for four Northland teenagers for a burglary spree totalling nearly $80,000 in stolen property has been met with outrage. See:

* Hey brother, if you are reading this, we must share something in common, but also you are such a great bass player I hope the other guy doesn’t mind my saying I prefer Katchafire in the early days hehe.


** I just got a reply from the courts….:

Hi Tom,

Firstly, I appreciate both the time taken to write to about your concerns of a particular case which featured in a recent media article.

However, as you are not party to proceedings I cannot provide you with information regarding this case. While I am able to investigate matters relating to administrative procedures conducted by court staff, it would be inappropriate for me to comment on or interfere in the outcomes of judicial proceedings. It is a fundamental principle of our constitutional system that, in order to maintain the integrity of our court system, court proceedings must operate entirely independently.


Kind Regards,


******a ********n

Court Services Manager | Criminal – Rotorua High / District Court