Information Sharing Terms


Here is an example of the type of permissions request Awaken is likely to generate in exchange with RealMe ID system

Example RealMe Login

The Awaken Direct Democracy has asked you to provide your identity information.

What information has been requested? Verified identity – full name and date of birth.
What purpose is my information being used for? An online electoral enrolment application.
How is my information being provided? RealMe is retrieving your verified identity from the Department of Internal Affairs.
Where is my information being sent? The Awaken Direct Democracy’s enrolment application.
When will it be sent? After you give consent for RealMe to send the information.
How long will it be kept? Your details are held by the Awaken Direct Democracy whilst you are eligible to remain on the electoral roll, or until you change them.
Will it be used for another purpose? Information about yourself will only be used in accordance with the Electoral Act 1993. The RealMe login associated with your verified account will be linked to your enrolment details for future online updates with our service.
Where can I find out more? By going to