Software to be used

We are currently evaluating and planning to use the following frameworks, servers, languages, and blockchains.

Voting & Governance Cardano blockchain
Formal Verification Imandra
Revision Control Github
Project Management
Front-end target HTML5 desktop and mobile friendly website, and range of native Mobile Apps. Likely Meteor/Ionic framework based, which uses Cordova to maintain a single codebase that is built to many targets easily.
Back-end target Linux webserver, database, blockchain, series of smart contracts
Blockchain Private Ethereum blockchain accessed by VPN
Authentication NZ legislation backed RealMe for binding votes, Google, Facebook for non-binding votes
Performance Management Open source
Project Management and Chat
Network Analysis PRTG Network Monitor
Clouds Amazon, KGOVPS, GovCloud
Methodologies We shall follow the GEA-NZ guidelines where possible see: