Hackathon: public brainstorm on direct government democracy using open source cryptographically proven voting system for New Zealand

I’m hoping to use tech cafe at GridAKL for a daytime discussion soon looking at: Wednesday 28 September 11:30am-3pm (TO BE CONFIRMED)
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Hackathon on The Awaken Direct Democracy App awaken.guru

Meet the creator Tom Atkinson, check out the Tech Cafe at GridAKL!


– get some other top-level programmers onboard (ideally at least 1 or 2)
– get a group of interns who wish to learn to code via the project onboard
– do some quick and dirty setups, signups, experiments
– high level chat about how online voting can practically work in NZ
– see who wants to help with graphics, admin etc.
– see if it’s possible to come to agreement on some core concepts like revokable votes and why they are useful
I’ll put up a Meetup.com page shortly and link it here. ###NeedsEdit
– install the app server environment of contributors laptops
– discuss everybodies preferred technology stack (doesn’t have to be node, maybe “Go” would be nice for the high performance crypto parts?)
– generally set everyone up, mail list, google docs, github, etc
– fire up an oauth login with google/facebook with view to use realme later
– fire up rootstock libraries and look at what democracy code is avail already out there
– talk about creating a pegged currency exchange 1:1 that rides the NZD, perhaps call it Zilands or ZLN, with small transaction fees used to pay for costs of system
– talk about the core values: revokable votes, voting on all bills past, current and future, the design of
– legislation design, and the operation of parliament would remain untouched potentially for many many years, I’m thinking 5 to 20 years; this system will need to mirror it in parallel
– the need for paper based audits / print outs
– cryptographic structure: election commission keys, independant observers keys, personal keys, electorate keys, there will be a lot of public/private key pairs spread around. need to handle these being lost/destroyed/stolen gracefully
– observers can see the vote contents, quantity, timing; but not the identity of the voters
– voters can see their own votes due to ownership of their own private keys
– voters private keys are generated on their own machine and never transmitted out
– government signs voters keys via realme session
– observer sees the unknown voter vote; the government does not see the contents of the vote but does see the citizen ID
– overall the system can do real-time sums = total up all the votes for preliminary result
– the final result is inspected and signed off using a special set of federated keys – spread geographically amongst trusted holders such as justice of the peace etc; the final signing of the election result can be verified by a sub-set of the guardians keys, in case guardian keys are destroyed or lost it is still possible to unlock the result to see it.
– observers guarantee the truth of each polling booth
– everybody can see results down to the polling booth detail
– voters can watch the polling booth totals publicly increase fractions of a second after voting
– voters vote in privacy
– and ideally do some coding too!