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Created using the Ionic Creator rapid prototyping tool

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Official NPM Package (not as fresh at Github)

This is a working HTML demo that uses a Cordova-based Javascript platform called Ionic Creator wireframe demo app ID 1e395f0d8e2f.

Source Code and Downloads:

This Micro-site as a zip file (5 MB) | Entire Multi-platform project (27.5 MB)

Run on your mobile:

Experience the wireframes nice and fast running locally on Ionic View: Native iOS App | Native Android App Then download app ID a1d32713

Run on your desktop

To install and get this serving locally, first install Ionic, then use this command at the prompt:

ionic start awaken-wireframes creator:1e395f0d8e2f
cd awaken-wireframes
ionic setup sass
ionic serve

Then visit http://localhost:8100/ in your web browser to the see the web app running on your local machine complete with database and all.

How To Replicate The Wireframes

The Creator beta has ended and it seems with it, the live demo from their platform: