Whats good or evil? Announcing the World GoodBad Directory!

I just had an amazing idea that could potentially provide a digital method to answer qualitative and moralistic questions, even abortion and war perhaps. Since it is not possible to put the words “good” or “evil” into legislation, I propose a branching merkyl tree that can answer questions like whether it is good or evil to:

  • Cut down this rain forest?
  • The use of deadly weapons?
    • The legal use of deadly weapons under national law?
      • The illegal use of deadly weapons under international law?

The possibilities are of course nearly limitless but we try. Then a powerful computer to turn human speech and text into laws, highlighting issues, and applying logic from the GoodEvil Directory. Eventually GoodEvil will turn into a Deep Learning AI. Fingers crossed it stays good yeah?

If I Had a Dollar Everytime I Asked For My Records

We know governments and corporations maintain big databases about us. But we can’t verify the accuracy of it independently and privately. If the entities could be convinced to surely publish the records one at a time to logged in users, and with a mathematical nonce added to it – a private random string of characters unique to each record, and shared only with the person to whom it pertains, citizens could verify if the data is accurate.

New nonces can be added to the database as often as needed, so long as pulling down the new values was easy enough.

This way third parties could allow people to gather their nonce values in order to “see inside” the groups values across many systems. Perhaps that’s what this all about…